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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 Episode 2: Starrbootylicious

Down one girl since Shangela’s elimination, the girls huddle ’round the tube for a rousing round of RuPaul’s “SheMail” giving them instructions on their newest challenge.  Ru mentions that this week, somebody’s going to “make it rain,” but before then, it’s time for the girls to street walk a mile in her shoes and turn a lady into a tramp.  RuPaul the man appears to the ladies in the flesh, bearing RuPaul fashion dolls for the girls to give Make Ho-vers to, tramping up the dolls with their own fabric fashion creations and repaints. 

The ladies are split into teams, but Mystique ends up working alone, and loving it.  The winning team is Pandora Boxx and Sahara Davenport’s creation, “Shafreeforall,” a broke down ho with a missing shoe, skanky clothes, and even a missing tooth.

As winners of the mini-challenge, Pandora and Sahara are each captains for a much larger task for the week:  a main-stage talent expo with the girls competing as burlesque dancers.  In addition to being judged on their “charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent,” the ladies will be judged as an individual and as a group.  They must rehearse a dance routine that they create themselves as a group, and do hair, makeup, and make their own team costumes.

Nicole Page Brooks (who misses her young son terribly) is picked last on Pandora’s team and is somewhat bummed out by that.  Raven makes with more snide remarks about Nicole, griping that while Nicole is beautiful, she just doesn’t radiate sensuality: “Nicole is not bringing sexy back.”  Morgan downgrades her annoying from last week, being somewhat more likeable even if she attempts to run roughshod over Pandora as team leader.

Morgan ain’t got squat on Tyra, however.  Tyra (who speaks like she’s got a mouthful of marbles) makes Sahara regret adding her to her team, going as far to remark that “I’m in a group with Satan’s baby.” Tyra lives up to her Satan’s baby moniker when she doesn’t make an effort to do the dance steps full out during a practice session and then taking a nap while the girls are hot-gluing their costume embellishments. 

When checking on the girls’ progress, Ru asks Sahara if she feels that she’s lost control of her group, noticing that Tyra is taking a nap.  Sahara feels somewhat powerless and Ru has a talk with Sleepy Time Tyra.  She tells RuPaul that she had already helped to sew and since the girls were hot-gluing, she’s taking time out for a nap. 

Mystique, while not nearly as big a tyrant as Tyra, proves to be more unlikable, even while showing how she can “drop it like it’s hot.”  She further reinforces the “bitchy queen” stereotype by telling the camera that she’s not here to help others, and not trying to be friends, helping to steal fabric from Team Pandora who weren’t finished designing their outfits. 

The moment of truth arrives when the challenge awaits the girls.  They go on a trip to “Dragon Fly” to perform in front of men, as well as guest judges, comedian Kim Coles and Queen of Neo-Burlesque, Dita Von Teese.

The twist of the challenge is that the girls who earn the most money as a team will win.  To make even more money, the girls will take turns performing and then will be sent out into the street to earn extra money, hustling Cherry Pie gift certificates to a local café to passer-bys on the street while in full drag. 

Team Pandora takes the stage in front of the judges and Nicole lays an egg on stage.  Sonique and Pandora do a great job, with Pandora getting patrons to “make it rain” on her.  To her credit, Morgan shakes it pretty good, too.  In an added bit of hilarity, the song that the girls dance to is none other than RuPaul’s new song, “Tranny Chasers.”  Love it!!

The next group of girls takes the stage while Team Pandora takes it to the street.  Sonique doesn’t make any friends when she gets overly bitchy with a man on the street who doesn’t want to buy gift certificates. 

On stage, Team Sahara does a bang-up job with their performance, having a lot of fun with it and even getting the impenetrable ice queen that is Dita to crack a smile.  Jessica Wild does a great job onstage and Mystique pulls out her secret weapon: her full split. 

The girls are sent back to their dressing room to prepare for eliminations that night and to make their runway looks.  Nicole Page Brooks is angry to find that someone had stolen the 8×10 portrait of her “drag mother,” Miss Shawna Brooks from her work area.  Fortunately, the photo of her son is still there, but it seems like a bad omen. 

Meanwhile, Pandora and Jujubee bond over their fathers.  Pandora’s father was recently diagnosed with cancer while Jujubee’s father had succumbed to the disease.  They stop talking about it because it’s too depressing, but it was nice to see the two plucky girls bond a bit.  For all of the Tyras and Mystiques of this season, I’m holding out hope that some of these girls will be like last season’s and be a bit more chummy with one another. 

At eliminations, the girls turn out in their finest ensembles to give face, face, face to RuPaul and the judges on the runway.  Jessica Wild’s “good witch/bad witch” dress is fun and Raven serves up a dramatic ’70s Cher-inspired look.  Morgan McMichaels, granted immunity as the winner of last week’s challenge, dons a sexy executive outfit.  Tyra turns it out with an extravagant necklace and pompadour and Nicole Page Brooks looks like a “real girl” with the skillfulness of her look. 

RuPaul reveals that Team Sahara are the winners and that all of the girls on that team are safe.  Sahara herself is the winner of the challenge, granted immunity next week.    

That leaves Team Pandora in the hot seat.  RuPaul calls out Sonique for being rude on the street, but acknowledges that she made it rain.  Tatiana was something of a weak link, but the guys loved her, being the only one who they asked what her name was, obviously smitten with her.

After deliberation, Ru makes the decision that Nicole, who brought in the least amount of money and Raven, who brought in the second-to-last amount were up for elimination. The girls performed to EnVogues “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It).  Raven has fun with it, playing the song for laughs and drama while Nicole kind of half-heartedly performs, with almost an air of defeat about her before the final judgment is given. 

Ultimately, it’s “shonte,” Raven stays and Nicole Page Brooks sashays away.

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